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Venetian Plastered Commercial wall Hampshire

Venetian Plastered Commercial WallsVenetian Plastered Commercial Walls

Commercial Walls

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Venetian plastered commercial walls Hampshire and the south. Each logo wall is creatively designed and handcrafted by our expert plasterers to achieve a stunning finish. Our commercial feature walls are available in a range of colours and finishes to create the backdrop you want for your business. Instantly noticeable, eco-friendly and highly durable.

The colours, textures and craftsmanship of our venetian walls are guaranteed to make a statement! Smooth or textured, contemporary or traditional, our polished plaster contractors will transform your commercial space.

Plaster Finishes

Huge Choice of Colours & Finishes



The classical Polished Plaster of the Venetian tradition. This natural lime-based plaster is the most typical decorative finish in the Venetian tradition. It’s a plain finish, with little movement and medium shine, also used to realise faux marble effects.



Coarse plaster with aggregates and silver micas. This finish is very similar to Dolomia, with the only difference of the colour of the micas, which is natural silver.



An Italian finish from the Renaissance tradition. This plaster was created to imitate travertine marble, one of the most famous Italian marbles. Two different effects can be achieved with this material: Romano and Toscano, which has a more modern and youthful look.



Coarse plaster with aggregates and golden micas. Often beauty originates from simplicity, combined with a precious detail. The same happens for this finish: a simple plaster that becomes wonderful when enriched with flakes of natural golden mica.



A versatile finish for decorative effects. This extremely versatile finish was created to achieve more than ten distinctly diverse finishes, such as Craters, Juta, Rain, Spazzolato, Tessuto and Crocodile Skin. Although it is lime-based, it is remarkably hard.



A modern opaque Marmorino Veneziano. This is an opaque version of Venetian Marmorino, produced exclusively by Stucco Italiano. A Damask effect, with soft patterns in relief, can also be obtained with this material.

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